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HBD Greenie! (WIP) by XynaTheZoroark HBD Greenie! (WIP) :iconxynathezoroark:XynaTheZoroark 1 0 Lycanroc Day Form by XynaTheZoroark Lycanroc Day Form :iconxynathezoroark:XynaTheZoroark 7 0 Shiny Luxray Giveaway (CLOSED) by XynaTheZoroark Shiny Luxray Giveaway (CLOSED) :iconxynathezoroark:XynaTheZoroark 1 0 Been a while XD by XynaTheZoroark Been a while XD :iconxynathezoroark:XynaTheZoroark 1 0 Random person on top of Mega Gengar by XynaTheZoroark Random person on top of Mega Gengar :iconxynathezoroark:XynaTheZoroark 2 0 Cute Syrup by XynaTheZoroark Cute Syrup :iconxynathezoroark:XynaTheZoroark 6 0 Sadae4Lyfe contest by XynaTheZoroark Sadae4Lyfe contest :iconxynathezoroark:XynaTheZoroark 0 1 WIP Emerald and Shadow Lugia by XynaTheZoroark WIP Emerald and Shadow Lugia :iconxynathezoroark:XynaTheZoroark 5 0 Shiny Bulbasaur by XynaTheZoroark Shiny Bulbasaur :iconxynathezoroark:XynaTheZoroark 6 0 For a friend's contest by XynaTheZoroark For a friend's contest :iconxynathezoroark:XynaTheZoroark 1 0 Finishing gift by XynaTheZoroark Finishing gift :iconxynathezoroark:XynaTheZoroark 3 2 Gift for best friend by XynaTheZoroark Gift for best friend :iconxynathezoroark:XynaTheZoroark 2 0 Gift part 1 by XynaTheZoroark Gift part 1 :iconxynathezoroark:XynaTheZoroark 3 4 Fur Flyer Reference by XynaTheZoroark Fur Flyer Reference :iconxynathezoroark:XynaTheZoroark 2 22 Art Trade 2 ~ Cute Fursona by XynaTheZoroark Art Trade 2 ~ Cute Fursona :iconxynathezoroark:XynaTheZoroark 6 11 Reference of Fur flyer by XynaTheZoroark Reference of Fur flyer :iconxynathezoroark:XynaTheZoroark 2 13
I just draw something whenever I'm bored OR whenever I feel like it. Mostly, when I got time from school work and so on. n.n


Hoopa Unleashed by Jaxonthelegend Hoopa Unleashed :iconjaxonthelegend:Jaxonthelegend 11 2 The scientist that fell ((ART TRADE)) by Miranda103 The scientist that fell ((ART TRADE)) :iconmiranda103:Miranda103 6 4 On the run by Miranda103 On the run :iconmiranda103:Miranda103 9 0 Undyne the Undying. by HikaruUzudragneel Undyne the Undying. :iconhikaruuzudragneel:HikaruUzudragneel 22 4
Origin of Eyeless Jack
Click… click… click…
Jack continued pressing the button on the remote, idly watching the different channels pop up before changing again. Nothing really came on during the weekends, surprisingly. Nothing but 'Paid Programing' and other TV shows he didn't enjoy. Sighing, the college student rose up from his sofa, making his way to the desk resting against the wall next to his bed. He was already done with homework, finishing most of it in class that day. Unlike his roommate, Jack could get his shit done fast enough to have the rest of the day to himself to do whatever.
He wasn't feeling to play any video games. Didn't really want to drive out anywhere. Swiping his black hoody off his chair, Jack slipped it on and grabbed his dorm keys shoving them in his pocket after closing the door behind him. A nice walk around the campus should do the trick. Fresh air usually calmed him, if not helped him think. Lately he'd been feeling… different. He knew it wasn't his b
:iconla-mishi-mish:La-Mishi-Mish 1,985 698
Sweet 16 by Xario1 Sweet 16 :iconxario1:Xario1 5 0 Dragon Wing Tutorial by kalicothekat Dragon Wing Tutorial :iconkalicothekat:kalicothekat 196 19 Sungariomon 2017 sketches! by LeemonZ Sungariomon 2017 sketches! :iconleemonz:LeemonZ 20 10
Art made for me in February 2017
I forgot to do this. ^^;

February is a short month and it results into an end of a season, it's Autumn or Fall for me but it's Spring for those in the Northern part of the world, thanks guys for these pics that month. ^^
:iconrico-the-dragon:Rico-the-dragon 2 1
Toxi-Shock Syndrome by DaGreenGarchomp Toxi-Shock Syndrome :icondagreengarchomp:DaGreenGarchomp 1 0
CLOSED! Contest: Design a Species! $100+ in prizes
Edit 8: 20th of June I think I did it... I added all the entries to the list! So sorry for the delay everyone! But DAMN guys, what a blast, there's a whooping 64(!) entries for me to go through, and all of them are unique and wonderful. It will be such a difficult task to choose winners from those, and I'm probably going to add some more prizes still because of the epicness. I ask you to be patient for just a little bit longer, because I will need to 1) choose the winners (how do I do that with so much awesomeness), and 2) compile everything in a new journal. So yeah, I will announce the winners in a new journal! The list of entries can be found all the way down in this journal, and please check if your entry is on there, I would be sad if I missed out anything for some reason! 
Also, I've said it in the rules-section already, and will say it now again; 
It is difficult for me to provide 'judging-rules' for winning entries, because the winning entries will be th
:iconvixenkiba:Vixenkiba 651 399
Nyx 2-3-17 by Rico-the-dragon Nyx 2-3-17 :iconrico-the-dragon:Rico-the-dragon 16 20 647 Keldeo by DatFMCobalion 647 Keldeo :icondatfmcobalion:DatFMCobalion 48 15 Danchun Icon by RichRadEx Danchun Icon :iconrichradex:RichRadEx 78 29 Ryuu Orochi 3.0 by Ryuu-Girl01 Ryuu Orochi 3.0 :iconryuu-girl01:Ryuu-Girl01 2 0 Highligt by Ryuu-Girl01 Highligt :iconryuu-girl01:Ryuu-Girl01 10 8
When it comes to awesome arts im seeing!!! :D


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States

Before knowing me, my introduction is right here.
Link:… (CLICK ME)

Thanks for the favorites! =D by XynaTheZoroark
Whenever someone favorite one of my artwork, thanks everybody!!! ^^; I will try my best to draw more.

> I might think about doing some art trades / request whenever I can get better, improving my art skills. > = ' ^ ' = <
~ Since I feel like...I'm very bad , maybe because I haven't draw that much or haven't practice too well. XD Again, I will try my best >.<

TO EVERYONE: Lets be friends!!! = ^ W ^ =

Soul Silver Stamp by Riiarei Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Stamp by LoveAnimeAndCartoons Zorua and Zoroark by Miss-Dicess Zoroark Fan Stamp by Z0R0K Lucario Stamp by LucarioAuraGuardian Stamp: Zoids Blade Liger Run by KaelaCroftArt Support the Pokeman Games by zafara1222 Mega Gardevoir Stamp by FireFlea-San Mega Rayquaza Stamp by FireFlea-San Yveltal Stamp by FireFlea-San Black Rose Dragon Stamp by FireFlea-San Super Smash Bros. 4 (3DS/Wii U) - Mega Man by LittleYoshi8 Megaman Final Smash Stamp by captainfranko Shadow the Hedgehog. by ingart15 :Stamp: Dorumon II by Bunloaf :Stamp: Beelzemon by Bunloaf
Archie Bass Stamp by NejiShadow2051 Palutena SSB4 Stamp by JPMD64 Hedgehog Stamp by Super-Hedgehog


XynaTheZoroark has started a donation pool!
10 / 50
I'm gonna leave this box here. < ' ^ ' >

You can donate whenever you like. I would try my best to draw for people and all. That be awesome if you love my art, I am still practice drawing. :P I <3 to have fun and see people enjoy arts. I enjoy everyone arts. :D

(Updated 2/28/17)

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Yea I'm always on my laptop/phone but omg I have been on TOO much on Discord and somewhat Tumblr xD I got back again on DA and Im still hoping I dont get the "invalid upload" or something like last july. ;w;
Spend too much time on CPU XD by XynaTheZoroark
  • Drawing
  • Request
  • Discord / Tumblr
  • Others / etc.


I've been practicing but learning about shading, anatomy and others but still having hard time with shading x.x especially trying to practice where the light hits. I'm trying my best to draw people but omg doing the body and hands are hard. Everything hard to do, so better prepare them papers, pencils and using other types of materials. :3 Another thing to say is that I would like critique so I can get better at drawing, that be great. :P (Heads up I have feelings but I would love to be better at fixing at drawing). One more thing is backgrounds, it's really annoying to think what to make a background. XD


I still need to check but also remember to finish certain ones. I am hoping to get tablet up since the charging is slow and that I can't use it while charging. I still got the group pic I am still doing but I am missing to do Lucario picture (Saved in my tablet, IbisPaintX but I will have to update). And others that I cannot remember. ;___; I might do it again but I may need to make schedule and show process of the drawing. 
  • If anyone want a request, feel free to ask here! I would love to get good at drawing. :3 (It can be OCs or something)


If anyone knows, I've been on alot on Discord but somewhat on Tumblr, I'll be uploading some drawing I did on Tumblr to here. I don't have my own server lol but someday I'll make one. :P


That's about it I can think but trying to be active on some certain websites. Not to mention I came here since I would like to see friends I made in DA (DeviantArt) I love everyone who had been with me for a while, even if I wasn't active on DA for months. ;_; I would mention friends here but you can see it in my page with friends. But I like friendly people here.

I''m hoping I get more active on stuffs I like to hang around (Tumblr, DA (here), Discord, etc.)

Thanks for reading everyone. <333

Been a while XD by XynaTheZoroark
~ Glide / Xyna
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Update: It won't let me load ANY picture so, I can only leave this typing. (Update: Finally I got the picture up)

Here's a screenshot of my laptop that something doing on DA for me. When it comes to uploading, browsing or anything. Even when I want to check my stuff on DA or on (I think for but not sure) this keeps happening to me only.

Laptop Screenshot by XynaTheZoroark

I don't know what do I do. I checked my wifi and its fine. (Did on wiiU, 3ds, phone and netflix), my laptop is alright since I sort of cleaned last time since it was lagging (A virus I guess it was, if my laptop acted weird) but everything else works good here. I don't know if its me or am I going crazy?

Update (Again): I tried to reload it on internet explorer and like it was fine getting on the website. BUT when I login, it did the same page thing again. I don't know what is going on? I thought it was google chrome BUT Its not my wifi, laptop, or anything but it affect only me. Why? ;3;
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  • Eating: I ate burrito -3-
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Hey everyone! I wanted to do this but will not draw until I have enough time PLUS I'm gonna leave it by journal before I forget. ^^;
I will tag random but cool people here, means you can ask any art I can try to draw for ya. (Sorry confusion)

Short: To draw for you as gifts. :3 

> Tagged randomly: 

You can ask for either Traditional or Digital. And it can be anything, your OC, Pokemon, etc. I will try my best >.<

(ONLY the people I tagged here)

I want to thanks to all the watchers/friends here! I sometimes try to improve my art, it was too hard to think or draw any ideas, but seeing yours makes me want to keep drawing more and happy. > ^ w ^ <

  • Some examples for Digital :3 (By Tablet, Colors3D (3DS), Phone (Rarely) and Computer) =
All Pumpkaboo's Sizes by XynaTheZoroark   Lucario gets ready for anything by XynaTheZoroark   From Colors3D by XynaTheZoroark   Cyber Gadget by XynaTheZoroark

  • Some examples for Traditional (By paper) =
Reference of Fur flyer by XynaTheZoroark   Art Trade 2 ~ Cute Fursona by XynaTheZoroark   Fakemon of Ankylosaurus by XynaTheZoroark

Pucca crazy dance Good night everyone! I need to sleep, hoping my laptop doesn't get issue ;w; OR worse,  my stuff taken away. ^^; But again Good night!!! Needing some sleep rn! (Its 4:50am LOL xD)Pucca student 


20 deviations
HBD Greenie! (WIP)
Sorry I didn't finish ;___; Ill try to finish soon but Ima leave the WIP here incase i lose it. 

~ Anyone can critique the picture. I wanna know how the WIP went? :P
~ Greenie oc belongs to DaGreenGarchomp 
~ Drawn by me
~ In progress
Happy birthday!!! DaGreenGarchomp 
I hope ya have an amazing day. :3 (Working on the pic)


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